The best time when we paddle is certainly sharing with friends also during a championship.

Smiles of Ruben, Martin, Stephan and Fruti are things which make the life better.

Atlantic Ocean Race, Lanzarote, Canary island. FEBRUARY 8th 2020.

 Surfski (SS1) and Outrigger (OC1, V1), but Prize Money just for Surfski. The nicest international Downwind Ocean Race in Canarys Island. For more information have a look on the web site Today, there are just still 75 places free (15/09/2019). Paddlers are coming from all Europe, also some Surfskis legends are used to come like Jasper Mocke, Sean Rice, Oscar Chalupsky... They organise Clinics. Downwind in 3 Tracks the same day: 17km, 10km and 13km with Hotspot (you stay in the race just if you reach the target in a maximum of time after the first paddler; 50 minutes for the first Hotspot and 30 minutes for the second hot spot). 2018: There was too much wind, the 2 first tracks were canceled. 2019: There was no wind.....  2020: Let's see. But MAEVA KAYAK will be there. If you want to take advantage of the Atlantic Ocean Race to visit Canarys islands, and paddle under the sun during European Winter  you are welcome !!  We can organize evrything that you need: Boat, Hotel, Apartement, Downwind, Excursion, Lobos Tour, Also for your family,

Easter 2019, Downwind North East coast, Fuerteventura.

What a fun and huge pleasure to share wonderfull moments on the water with very nice guys. We all learn from the others. Life is better when you share it !  Mixup team: Lucas from Germany, Gonzalo from Argentina, Petteri from Finland, Fruti from Fuerteventura and myself from France !!!  Beautifull conditions, nice sun, big swell, perfect Friends.... What else ?

Summer 2019, Corralejo Bay, Fuerteventura.

This Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe for 5 people: Da Kai Evolution from WOO (Made in France) is a very stable boat for all the family. We paddle all together, we discover the ocean, we learn about the local and Hawiaian culture. A lot of fun meanwhile we practise outdoor sport. On the island of the endless springtime this is a very adapted activity for everybody. Our youngest paddler is 2,5 years old !!!  When we wanted to get back, we ask him How he feels, the boy said :  "otra vez !"   / Once again !   This boat is a train with very good sensations.

Easter 2019, Lobos island, Fuerteventura.

Hopefully our french paddler, Sylvain, was a Surfski expert with a very good shape. I have learnt many tricks from your special diet, very interesting and so strict. I have managed to follow your advice: stop eating for a while, but just during the sleep !!! The ocean was very rough, but Sylvain was easy. Next session we will work more the surf on the swell.  Always something to learn on our Ocean.