Marcelo & Pablo, FTV

So much fun to share a nice paddling to Lobos island, with this Hawaiian Canoe 5 seats. Just leave Corralejo, from this beautifull "Pop corn" beach or from "Waikiki" beach. Easier and faster than Kayak or any Canoe, the Outrigger Canoe is for all the family. This day we went to Lobos island for snorkeling around Lobos island Natural Park. Don´t forget to fill the form for the Natural park (Free of Charge). Marcelo & Pablo did a good job by paddling quite fast, this boat is so funny.

So brave to follow me

This Bay of Corralejo (North Shore of Fuerteventura) is still a safety place for paddling when we have rough conditions. And also even better to paddle with a OC2 (Double Outrigger) especially with beginners. 

Elisa for the 1st time with OC2

Paddling with tourists is great, but give the opportunity to the Residents to paddle is also important. This day Elisa did a great job to paddling with me on this OC2. The Outrigger Canoe with 2 seats is perfect for teaching to the beginners. We were able to paddle until Lobos island and have a coffee break there "What else?"

Yohann & Swan from France

A wonderfull meeting with Yohann and his son Swann from Haute-Savoie. They were so brave to paddle with the wind and the waves. They have deserved the snack that we had on the wild Lobos island. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Raúl Salmeron

Once again we had a lot of fun on this Downwind that we organized easily with the regular Ferry. A big pleasure to share a nice moment with the fastest Surfski Paddler of Fuerteventura from Puerto del Rosario (Club La Herbania): Raúl Salmeron.