The main feature of this model is its smaller rocker (the hull's banana curvature) that makes the bow cut through the water from the beginning of the hull. The result is a very fast canoe in standing water conditions, and being 6 meters long it has an amazing performance between the waves on downwinds.


  • Ama: Glides over the surface all the timedue to its flat hull
  • Cockpit close to bow.
  • Fittings: front and rear straps, black anodized aluminium iakos, leash strap and extra seaweed rudder.

Construction SCS (Solid Composite System) = 13Kg

Design: EVOLUTION CANOE (Brasil)  Construction: NELO (Portugal)


At 19’3″, the Kahele pairs the manageability of smaller size with a progressive approach to canoe design. The Kahele is designed for improved efficiency by eliminating length in the nose and tail of the canoe. The Kahele features an optimized waterline of about 19 feet.

Kahele, meaning “to move”, is easy to manage both on and off the water. Although ideal for lighter paddlers looking for less to move around, Kahele also stands out for paddlers of all sizes due to its revolutionary design. It’s compact, maneuverable size enables it to catch swell and jump over the bumps in front with less effort. It also fits neatly in the trough between bumps so you don’t get stuck and lose momentum.




Kayak Ocean Quatro

The Ocean Quatro, by the leader in Rotomolded construction RTM, is the best choice for the family. The main seats are located in the bow and Stern, between are 2 smaller seats for children. Ample room and great stability. We got trolleys for helping the transport accross the beach.

Length: 4,12m     Width: 90cm      Weight: 34 Kg   

Paddlers: 2 adults + 2 children,  260Kg max


OC5 Da Kai Evolution, is the Best Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe for all the Family. Now, the Ocean is open for everybody. A very stable boat, if you want to you never capsize. You learn about paddling, padling all together, also the oportunity to learn about the Ocean, the local and Hawaiian culture. You were looking at the Ocean, now you can jump on this boat and feel the Ocean. We share the effort and you won't be afraid of the Ocean, we stay all together. From very Beginner to Expert. We can go to visit Lobos island !!

Best Outrigger in Europe:  WOO, Anglet, 100% Made in France.  

Fenn Mako XT Surfski has been the most popular Surfski for many years. It is exceptionnally stabl it glides easily and behaves agile and predictable in all conditions. Wonderful boat for Beginners and also for Experts during rough conditions. The XT is the perfect surfski for relaxed fitness. This model gots the Double footwell.


Length: 5,90m   Width: 0,49m   Weigth: 17Kg

Paddler: 100 Kg max 

Nivel: Beginners to Experts