When you love what you do
You never work a day in your life.
Philippe Horowitz

Founder & Guide

Philippe Horowitz was born and raised in Paris in 70's. He spent his childhood practising many sports, also during winter holidays at ski camps and summer holidays on the water.
When he was 13 he discovered “whitewater” in canoe on the Durance river (Hautes Alpes), a strong emotional moment which is still in his brain. The memory of these emotions pushes him in the Canoe Club which became his second house (ASCE Canoe Kayak).
He is 20 years old, he starts there on the local artificial whitewater local park (slalom) a very good trainning area. As much as he can, he is out on white and wild water: Morvan's rivers, Alps rivers... Also he is deeply engaged with a very funny and rough sport: canoe polo. He was playing and taking care of the club's canoe polo district for many years. The canoe passion pushed him to leave his automotive engineer's job to participate in entrance tests at the Sports Center “Campus Sport Bretagne” (CREPS Dinard) .
After a full year of study and practise in the whole wonderfull Brittany, in july 2002 he became canoe guide with a special qualification for the sea. Special thanks to the best Sea Kayak teachers: Loic Bourdon, Prat & Luc Vincent.
At this point he was convinced that he had been right to change his life for this beautifull water sport career. Thanks a lot Christophe Astolfi for pushing me to change my job. For sure he went back to his Club - his nest - this time for working like canoe instructor.

In 2003, the taste of adventure pushed him on the tropical island of Mayotte (Comores, Indian Ocean) where he has created the 1st canoe club CKCM with his friend Christophe Ortega, one the best Free Stlyle padller (Aquasens, La Réunion).
In 2018 there are 5 canoe clubs on the island. Mayotte's lagoon is a paradise for Corals, Fishes, Dolfins, Sea Turtles and Whales (amazing Humpback Whales during austral winter). The place was also an oportunity to practise sailing boat in Comores and Madagascar -pure & magic island- . He brought back his 1st wooden Outrigger Canoe from Madagascar, an authentic sailing and paddling Outrigger.

Then life leads Philippe for a summer season in Kornati's islands (Croatia): organizing 1 week trips with sea kayaks and a Prao (Polynesian Outrigger Canoe). A chance to get some more sea adventure's skills, a full summer paddling and sailing on the awesome Prao. Few travels toTahiti will definitively give him the desire to practice and develop the Outrigger Canoe & Surfski Kayak: some of the best nature-based sports.

2017, after few years in Fuerteventura with his family, he decided to create MAEVA, which means Welcome in Polynesian. The opportunity to make discover Outrigger Canoe & Surfski Kayak for begginers and add a new “sunny & windy” destination for experts paddlers.


Favorite quote:
"The land is chief, man is its servant"